Strategic vision of the mechanical engineering industry to 2035

Strategic vision of the mechanical engineering industry to 2035

The Prime Minister approves Vietnam’s strategy on development of the mechanical engineering industry up to 2025 with a vision to 2035.

General objective: By 2035, the Vietnamese mechanical engineering industry will be developed with the most advanced technology, international quality products, and further participation in the global value chain. , economical and effective use of energy, and fair competition in international integration; Professional, disciplined and high-qualified labor force, active in the research, design and manufacture of mechanical products, basically meet the demand of mechanical products of the domestic market.
Exports will reach 35% of the total output in the period up to 2020 and 40% in the period up to 2030. By 2035, the total output of the mechanical engineering industry will reach 45%.

Specifically, by 2025, to focus on developing a number of sub-sectors of automobile mechanics, tractors, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, industrial equipment and electrical equipment, able to meet basic requirements demand of the economy and export part; The basic mechanical workforce is qualified to meet the needs of modern manufacturing.

After 2025, to form a number of consultancy and manufacturing contractor groups capable of mastering the design and manufacture of group of auxiliary equipment and EPC bidding packages for industrial works; Focus on supporting some domestic firms that have the potential to become strong regional corporations in the manufacturing sector such as automobiles, agricultural machinery and electrical equipment; To form a system of industrial enterprises supporting mechanical engineering to meet the standards of direct suppliers for complete production enterprises, take initiative in joining the global value chain with medium and medium enterprises. Small takes the lead role.

The Strategy sets out implementing policies, continues to revise and supplement policies that promote the mechanical industry including tax incentives (corporate income tax, import tax), support measures investment and business support under the Law on Investment in the direction of simplification of administrative procedures; Continue reviewing, revising, supplementing and perfecting the system of mechanisms and policies to support the mechanical engineering industry in accordance with the law on investment and commitments on international economic integration and the socialist market economy orientation. The purpose is to create a motive force for the development of Vietnam’s mechanical engineering industry, closely combining with the development of industrial use; To boost the development of supporting industries, increase the percentage of domestic production value, build a chain of production and assembly of mechanical products in the country and actively participate in the chain of mechanical production in the world.

Chiến lược phát triển ngành cơ khí tầm nhìn đến năm 2035

Focus on producing important mechanical products

The Prime Minister requested to focus on developing some basic materials for the mechanical engineering industry in order to take advantage of the comparative advantages of domestic mineral resources with advanced technology, highly competitive and Environmental friendliness; Establishing markets in the selected sub-sectors creates the premise for the mechanic industry to master the technology and improve the manufacturing capability. Issue sanctions to protect domestic goods that have been manufactured in conformity with international commitments.

Involve multinational corporations with potentials and brands with attractive incentives to implement targeted investment support policies, with particular focus on real estate projects. Produce important mechanical products, be competitive, have sufficient market capacity; At the same time, attention should be paid to investment promotion for small and medium enterprises, especially in the field of supporting industries, in the direction of selection of quality projects with high added value, using existing technologies. environmentally friendly.

The State shall adopt policies to assist enterprises in purchasing designs and technologies, renewing technologies and production equipment, applying advanced production management technologies and models so as to raise the efficiency of the use of energy and equipment. input, improve the productivity, quality and competitiveness of mechanical products; diversification and differentiation of products. Assist in the design and development of brand names or support the acquisition of branded global businesses, including R & D to shorten development.

The State prioritizes investment in upgrading mechanical engineering training establishments, associates training with practice; To provide financial support for sending qualified cadres and workers to overseas training and practice under approved programs and projects, step by step building the number of general engineers and chief engineers.

The State has a mechanism on credit interest rates for investment and time for working capital loans for mechanical equipment manufacturers with sufficient market capacity; Establishing the mechanical sector information system to serve as a database for public administration agencies and enterprises; Promote and promote the role of industry associations in linking businesses in the mechanical industry, overcoming fragmentation and fragmentation in the mechanical industry.

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