Polyester DTY is very important in textile industry

Polyester DTY is very important in textile industry

Polyester DTY is very useful as a knit material. One can find quite a few manufacturers in the market. Its general flexibility and glare properties give us a lot of convenience as it has a lot of convenience for production.

Toughness is the most important function. As a result of a special process, its flexibility than other polyester yarn is good, not easy to wrinkle. Process: The first mechanical stretching, and then deformation processing. This process can effectively improve the performance of settings. So our color DTY more in line with people’s requirements. Its high wear resistance can be used for sofa cloth, car accessories, clothing and decorative materials. Wear-resistant properties make the garment more durable, good gloss make decoration materials look more brilliant. These advantages of colored DTY make it an advantageous position in the textile materials market.

Every company wants to buy goods at a low price and with good quality at the time of purchase. dotihutex.com.vn produced polyester polyester filament yarn and other suppliers of polyester filament compared to the production process of enterprises to facilitate the low prices. Every company loves it and knows that it’s solid.

For many companies, they also need to think about their requirements and abilities when buying the most suitable product for them. Paint dyed dty non-mix attracts many low price and high quality customers. Customers can feel many benefits from this product.

Raw dyed polyester DTY yarn is the first choice for all buyers due to low cost. People will get more benefits. This is a worth buying, due to the good quality of the product.

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