1. Corporate Objectives.

Develop and organize the implementation of company plans in accordance with the current regulations to achieve the purpose and content of the Company’s activities.

  • Must produce business effectively. Preserving and developing capital.
    Must grasp the needs and tastes of domestic and foreign markets for the products that businesses are producing and doing business, but can set out appropriate targets and orientations to improve operational efficiency. This company
  • Comply with the policies, regimes and laws of the state related to the operation of the Company. Comply with and strictly implement state regulations and decisions relating to business activities of this company.
    Ensuring good regulations on environmental sanitation, security, politics, social order and safety, fire and explosion prevention and fighting, and fulfillment of national security and defense obligations.
  • Always take care of the organizational structure of the unit, both compact and flexible, ensuring to be in line with the assigned requirements, constantly improving and improving the material and spiritual life of the staff in the company. company.
  • Organize business operations such as: trading, manufacturing according to the goods registered in the joint venture license.

2. Responsibility.

Dong Tien Hung Company is allowed to operate in the territory of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. To be allowed to enter into joint ventures with other affiliated units, economic sectors, including foreign countries to organize export business cooperation, expand business and production conditions to better meet industries which the company participates in the city and the provinces within the scope of the company has been approved by the HCMC People’s Committee.

  • Proactive in the process of trading, negotiating and signing the implementation of foreign trade contracts and business contracts.
  • Have the right to borrow and mobilize capital in the country.
  • Have the right to participate in seminars, conferences and seminars related to the functions and industries that the company is operating.
  • Being allowed to send officials and employees abroad or invite foreign partners and visitors to Vietnam to trade, negotiate and sign goods purchase and sale activities.